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Tanya Chloe Ong

About my writing
I started writing several years back and owned a tumblr (mostly for personal writings and rambles). I shifted to this wordpress because I found the format more suitable. I love to write short stories, poems and reflective thought-pieces inspired by my own experiences and things I care about. I also paint occasionally but it’s mostly me just playing with acrylic and paintbrushes until something vaguely artistic materializes. This blog is an endeavour to put the art in articulate, one entry at a time.

What do I care about?
 I care about the people I love, who have supported me and given me the space to grow while always pushing me to become a better version of myself. I care deeply about issues related to gender, sexuality and mental illness. As a political science student with a minor in philosophy, the themes that intrigue me the most revolve around power and meaning-making. I thrive on exploring different perspectives and ways of ‘seeing’ these issues, especially through visual and pop culture.

What drives me
I strive relentlessly less because of specific end results and more because of my life philosophy: excellence is a habit. This is not to say that goal-setting and results are unimportant. We have been raised in a results-oriented world, and it is easy to forget that results are not all that matters. More than just an end goal, it is an end in itself: Excellent practices (and consistency) guide my work ethic.

What do I do for fun?
For fun, I enjoy reading, writing, watching quirky music videos and working out. I love visiting museums, exhibitions and visual culture blogs to tickle my brain. I also enjoy coffee, alcohol and spicy food (but not necessarily consumed in that order).

Reach me at ong.tanyachloe@gmail if you have opportunities for me, or simply if you wanna be pen pals and share cool stuff :>